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eSun ABS+


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What is it?

eSUN ABS+ 3D printer material based on the modification of ABS material.ABS+ filament has higher mechanical properties, lower odor and lower shrinkage rate than conventional ABS materials.


With high toughness and high impact resistance, eSUN ABS+ 3D printer material, can be used to print sturdy and durable parts.ABS plus is low VOC volatile content, low odor during printing, comfortable printing without pressure; ABS+ filament has low shrinkage, not easy to warp and crack during printing.

Additional information


Black, Blue, Cold White, Grey

The Uniqueness

  1. Heat resistance
  2. Sturdy and durable
  3. High toughness
  4. Low odor
  5. Low shrinkage
  6. High impact resistance
  7. Excellent printability


  1. The shrinkage rate of ABS+ material is large, so you should pay attention to heat preservation when printing, and print in a printer with a closed chamber.
  2. The cooling of ABS+ is slightly worse. You can turn on a fan to improve the printing effect, or reduce the drape angle structure in the model; or try to reduce the speed to print.


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