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Are you looking to have your creation 3d printed or do you have something you like to create but don’t have the skill set to model it? We can help! We provide 3d printing, CAD modelling and 3D Scanning services. WhatsApp us today.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM 3D Printing

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing, is a method of additive manufacturing where layers of materials are fused together in a pattern to create an object. These layers are fused together, building up throughout the print, and eventually, they will form the finished part.

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

DLP 3D Printing

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a 3D printing technology used to rapidly produce photopolymer parts. It’s very similar to SLA with one significant difference — where SLA machines use a laser that traces a layer, a DLP machine uses a projected light source to cure the entire layer at once.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Scanning

3D laser scanning is a way to capture a physical object’s exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation. 3D laser scanners measure fine details and capture free-form shapes to quickly generate highly accurate point clouds.

3D Design & Modelling Services

CAD Modelling

CAD Modelling or Computer-aided Design is an important part of the design process. Before expending any physical resources, CAD brings your idea to life in the digital world. Computer Aided Designs are used for a variety of applications ranging from 3d printing prototypes to promotional photo-realistic renderings.