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eSun ePA-CF


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What is it?

Nylon carbon fiber filament is developed based on nylon 6/66 copolymer, adding 20% carbon fiber greatly enhances the strength, rigidity and toughness of nylon, and can replace metal materials in many occasions; Self-lubricating wear resistance makes this carbon fiber 3d printer filament suitable for printing gears.


With High toughness and impact resistance, eSUN nylon carbon fiber filament is suitable for printing durable parts. Carbon fiber 3d printer filament has high temperature resistance, heat deformation temperature up to 155℃; Low shrinkage, carbon fiber filament is not easy to warp and crack when printing, and the surface of printed models is matte and delicate.

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The Uniqueness

  1. Heat resistance
  2. High-intensity
  3. High rigidity
  4. High toughness
  5. High impact resistance
  6. Abrasive resistance
  7. High dimensional stability
  8. Matte surface effect
  9. Excellent printability


  1. Dry the filaments (70℃/> 12h) before printing to achieve the best printing effect.It is recommended to use them together with eBOX when printing.
  2. ePA-CF filament has strong rigidity and is not easy to bend. In the feeding pipeline, excessive bending of filament should be avoided as much as possible.
  3. ePA-CF is very easy to grind nozzles and extruder gears. It is recommended to use hardened steel nozzles or ruby nozzles. If possible, hardened steel extruder gears can be selected. If the printing time is long, the blockage will occur and the throat and nozzle need to be replaced.
  4. It is suggested to set skirt edge to better take the model from the forming bottom plate.



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