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FusFun™ PETG

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What is it?

Easy to Print
FusFunTM ToughPETG-HF has excellent material flow and good modeling effect, which can
achieve perfect printing results in most printers.


FusFun™ PETG is a toughness modified PETG developed specifically for High speed printing, which provides excellent printability by improving material flow and have better mechanical strength and heat resistance compared to PLA.

There is 3 variations which is ToughPETG-HF, PETG-Matte and PETG-CF

Additional information


ToughPETG-HF(Black), ToughPETG-HF(White), PETG-Matte(Red), PETG-Matte(White), PETG-Matte (Blue), PETG-CF(Black)

The Uniqueness

High Impact Resistance
FusRockTM has improved the notch impact strength of FusFunTM ToughPETG-HF to more than
twice that of ordinary PETG without affecting the interlayer bonding strength in the Z-axis
direction through toughness improvement technology.



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