Faster Speed


Stronger than Steel

6 - 12 X

Large Size



20,000 mm/s²

X-Max 3

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X-Max is the first large print size that industrial grade 3d printer that has the ability to print nylon, carbon fibre, PC, PLA, TPU and ABS. It is also the first double side printing with magnetic, bendable and removable platform sticker.

More description belows:

Faster, More Bigger & Precise With Simple UI

X-Max Features For Extra Fast Printing:


COREXY structure

QIDI High-speed extruder

QIDI High performance material

Why You Should Buy X-Max3:

Upgraded Lightweight Structure

Weight reduced to 600g from 1600g. Enhanced strength, 6-12 times stronger than steel.

CoreXY Structure

Reduce the motion Inertia and improve the motion speed with TMC2209 silent drive, making it having less noise.

Steadier, Stronger, Faster Extrusion

The 9.5:1 gear ratio making it lightweight and provide strong and stable flow supply.

Automatic Levelling

The new automatic intelligent levelling are use to calculate the printing compensation. This can minimise printing error and increase precision.

Flexiable HF Board

The new X-Max3 come with excellent adhesion, no warping trouble and very easy to remove the completed 3d prints.

Excellent User Interface

The highly acclaimed QIDI slicer software has both normal mode and expert mode, which is also easy for beginners to get started!

Professional Printing Industrial Grade Materials

Two Sets of Hot End

With 2 sets of Copper Alloy Nozzle, it has:

Also Equipped With

Controlled Temperature Chamber And Drying Box

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