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What is it?

Through the balance adjustment of wire melting and cooling , the PLA HF can flow smoothly in the melting state , and can be cooled faster during printing and molding, so as to achieve smooth wire output without plugging and rapid cooling without deformation during high-speed printing.


The PLA-HF from eSUN is a high-flow PLA filament, which ensures excellent quality as well as incredible detail even at high speeds. While a normal 3D printer prints a regular PLA at maximum speeds of up to 100 mm/s, a high-speed printer with ePLA-HF reaches incredible speeds of up to 350 mm/s!

Because the melt index and melt temperature of this high-flow PLA are balanced, the high-flow material can flow more uniformly when melted and cool more rapidly during printing. This minimises the possibility of clogging and reduces deformation, which is quite common in high-speed printing. Stable viscosity reduces the possibility of stringing.

The PLA-HF is highly conformable and has a low heat capacity, reducing dependence on the printer’s cooling capacity and improving printing performance. Its specific heat-resistant properties make the material optimal for concept models and rapid prototyping.

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The Uniqueness

  1. For high-speed printing
  2. Stable viscosity
  3. High flowability
  4. Excellent quality & detail
  5. High conformability


High Speed Printing Increase efficiency by 300%

PLA HF filament need to be matched with high speed printerIn the case of the same model and size Fast printer with EPLA-HF at high speed of 250mm / s Constant speed printer with ordinary PLA at low speed of 50mm / s Printing progress is about 3 times faster ( up to 5 times)

Rapid melting Smooth extrusion

Compared with other PLA material , ESUN EPLA-HF has the characteristics of rapid melting and rapid cooling By optimising and balancing the molecular weight , the material has high fluidity and low specific heat capacity , can absorb heat quickly , can realise rapid melting of filaments , and is easy to cool quickly after extrusion . The printed parts have excellent performance details and quality

While improving the fluidity , control the viscosity coefficient to avoid excessive wire drawing and sagging.


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