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eSun eSilk Magic


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What is it?

The model printed with dual color PLA filament has a dreamy and gorgeous bi-color appearance. Magic PLA filament will appear in different colors at different angles.


When the model printed with dual color pla filament is rotated, it has a dynamic appearance brought by two different colors. Compared with other materials, eSilk-PLA Magic is easier to peel off, and the surface is smooth and flat; This magic pla filament is an upgrade based on PLA and has the same quality of easy printing.

Additional information


Blue & Purple

The Uniqueness

  1. Dreamy gorgeous two-tone appearance
  2. Silk glossy texture
  3. Smooth surface
  4. Easy to peel off
  5. Excellent printability
  6. Not easy to break


It can be used with the eBOX Lite to keep the spool rolling smoothly without shaking to avoid twisting and color changing; Reduce the overhang angle structure in the model when printing or slower the printing speed when you use eSilk-Magic.


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