Thickness Range (mm)

0.2 - 3.0

Hybrid Vacuum

Rated at -85kPa

User Interface

11 Polymer Profiles

IR Sensor

Precision 0.1°C

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Vaquform DT2

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Fits an entire industry onto your desktop.
-Yanko Design

We took a proven mass production method and gave it a major update. The result is a modern tool that is powerful yet compact, sophisticated yet easy to use. Together with 3D printing and other digital tools, it allows you to go beyond prototyping and launch into production right from your studio, or workshop.

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2ⁿᵈ Generation of The Acclaimed Digital Desktop Thermoformer

Powerful Built-In Vacuum

4X greater pull strength than vacuum cleaner

Vaquform is internally equipped with not just one, but two vacuum units working in tandem—the first is for fast air removal and the second one, for a deep vacuum. It is a novel approach that delivers industrial performance in a compact package. With 4X greater pull strength than a household vacuum cleaner, it is possible to form sheets up to 3 millimeters thick.

A high level of repeat- ability and consistency

Digitally-Modulated Heater

Thermoformers typically use a timer to track the cycle duration. It is a rather crude way to gauge if the heated sheet is ready for forming. So instead of a timer, Vaquform again takes novel approach. It directly tracks the material’s temperature using an IR sensor, taking multiple readings every second, and then modulates the heater’s power so forming occurs at a exactly the right temperature, every single time. This allows you to attain a high level of repeat- ability and consistency throughout a production run.

Pre-Programmed Polymer Profiles

We developed a specific heating strategy for each polymer type. This makes it easy to get optimal results even if you do not know the difference between PVC and ABS. To use, simply select a material from the graphical interface. The machine then automatically loads the process parameters for you. 10 materials are currently supported, with more to be added in future firmware updates, including exotic composites and compostable bioplastics.

Professional Printing Industrial Grade Materials

The Details of The Product


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