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The New Frontier of 3D Scanning

Comfortable for Eyes, Easy to Scan Hair

  • No projector light during scanning process.
  • Comfortable and safe for eyes.
  • Turning on “Hair Mode” to get sufficient hair data for human scan and improve the whole data completeness.

More Reasons You Should Buy Einstar

High Quality Data

Collect high density point cloud data fast and easily with point distance up to 0.1mm.

High Color Fidelity

Benefit from built-in RGB color camera. 3D data with authentic colors.

Detail-oriented Enhancement Technology

Built-in detail enhancement technology optimises the point cloud for complete data acquisition.

Streamlined User Experience

Smooth and fast, scanning speed up to 14 FPS. Equipped with: smart tracking performance,  automatic alignment and intelligent algorithm.

Stable Outdoor Scanning

Equipped with 3 Infrared VCSEL Projectors, 2 Stereo Depth Cameras and 1 RGB Camera, Einstar can capture clear scan data and generate stable outputs outdoors. Provide a flexible working distance for small and large objects.

Extremely Easy to Use

It uses ergonomic design and only one USB cable for data transmission and power. It has clear and elegant workflow for scanning and post processing while being very easy to setup, plug and play.

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