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SV06 Plus


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SV06 Plus has a large build of 300x300x400mm. With a print speed of 150mm/s, it can print your 3d model in no time. It can also withstand a high temp of 300°C. This will definately satisfies your demand for high temp and high speed 3d printer.

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All Metal Planetary Direct Drive Extruder

Provide more accurate and precision printing

Sovol Self-developed All Metal Direct Drive Extruder with planetary gear set, provides the printer with higher drive ratio and a lighter motor, helps to achieve more accurate extrusion.

Also Equipped With Auto Bed Levelling

G34 Auto Z Align

As UART mode is opened on the mainboard, and G34 updated, SV06 Plus has G34 Auto Z align function.

If you want to level X axis, all you need to do is click ‘Auto Z-Align’, the printer will process X-axis levelling automatically. Save time and effort.

Why You Should Buy SV06 Plus

High Temp of 300°C & High Speed of 150mm/s

All Metal hot end with larger melt zone enables you to print at faster speed and various materials, satisfies your demand for high temp and high speed.

32bit Mainboard

Sovol Self-developed Mainboard, 32 bit, with TMC 2209, makes the printer work stably and silently. For safety thermal runaway protection is instant & automatic if a thermal error occurs. UART mode is available, more modification can be done easily for advanced users.

Large Build Volume

With 300xx 300 x 340mm build volume, you can enjoy the fun of printing big prints.

4.3 Inch Touch Screen

Day & Night mode can be switched casually. The unique UI and sensitive response give you better using experience.

Filament runout sensor

It will pause the printing automatically if you run out of your filament, or if the filament is broken.

Resume Printing

Click *resume print*, your printing will continue perfectly after a power outage or broken filament etc so that the already finished part won’t be wasted.

Dual Z axis

Dual Z-axis screws and stepper motors improve the accuracy and precision of the nozzle’s vertical movement with a specified Z-axis accuracy of 0.001mm.

Belt Tensioner

The big belt tensioner with Sovol lightning sign, very cool, and comfortable to adjust the belt tension to achieve smooth printing result.

PEI Build Plate

The PEI-coated Build Plate is flexible, the prints can be removed easily without any tools. The bed is solid, not easy to get scratches even in long-term printing.

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