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CreatBot PEEK-300 3D Printer

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The Leader of Ultra High Performance 3D Printer.

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The Leader of Ultra High Performance 3D Printer

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Smart Auto-rising dual extruders 500 °C

The PEEK-300 equiped with CreatBot new technology smart Auto-rising dual extruders.

You can print any 3D printer materials in the world. We can say it is best choice of polymer materials.

Also Equipped With

Direct Annealing System (DAS)

Direct Annealing System (DAS), the world’s first and extraordinary technology by CreatBot.Annealing process is instant controllable during printing. It aims to provide best quality parts in one time without warping and cracking printing of big size functional materials. (The technology is patent protected and available by CreatBot only)

DAS annealing process features:

  1. Instantaneously: Finished during printing process, no need secondary treatment in oven.

  2. Completely: The annealing process point to every extruded filament, not the whole printed model. The internal structure of the whole model could not be fully crystallized or will deform in oven.

  3. Controllable: The surrounding temperature can be adjusted to 0-200 °C. the different requirements of toughness and strength can be met by adjusting the DAS temperature function at different material parts.

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